Sketch Updates #2 by George Qin

Something new this time: Watercolours!

...Or rather, watercolour pencils. I've wanted to try watercolours for a while now and I thought it might be an easier transition to go through watercolour pencils, but they lack a certain casual and soft feeling that pure watercolours tend to have. An interesting experiment nonetheless!


Feelings - the blurs that permeate the spectrum of your reality

When this scene came on I was all like "oooooooh, dey gon b deid"

Now that that's out of the way, Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust are AMAZING in the new netflix rom-drama, inaptly titled 'LOVE'. It takes a bit of getting used to the setting and premise of two early-30-somethings fresh out of relationships living in a hipster-LA bubble. Binging this series whilst hungover was a great decision. I would have drawn Gillian Jacobs (and I did, in fact) but her facial unique-ness lies within the subtle shading of her cheekbones. Amazing actress - and much better than her one-dimensional 'Britta' character on Community. Once again - she proves that she's able to bring back her season 1 days and that she's still got 'it'. And as for Paul Rust - what a surprise. Loved the on-screen awkwardness, and endearing chemistry born out of that awkwardness. Loved how real it was sometimes - they really dig deep into the core of who they are as characters and the entire thing doesn't seem contrived. It feels very real. And we've all felt it - dysfunctional, messed up, life off-track, lame, stupid, embarrassed, brave, intimate - scared.

I think I need to watch some of those episodes again.

Til the next update.