THE ARCHITECTURE OF FOOD #2: Coffee by George Qin

Mini-edition: Coffee. How do you like yours?

Latte - the #2 architecture endorsed coffee. #1 is obviously black.

Latte - the #2 architecture endorsed coffee. #1 is obviously black.

Coffee is another consumable that is highly customizable, and thus, divides people like religion. Soy? Heretic. Sugar? Heretic. Affogato? Heretic. Ristretto or I run a bloody decade-long campaign over your lands. On a serious note though - I like mine with a serving of sugar if I'm under the pump - the sugar high pairs well with the caffeine. I used to do energy drinks but that was another type of high altogether. Nowadays I appreciate a good cuppa.

I think people underestimate using good milk when making coffee - Riverina Fresh is the way to go in my opinion. And if you must have soy, Bonsoy is imported from Japan and gives your coffee a nice nuttiness, just look for the yellow paper carton. I'm not huge on beans - but I can appreciate a nice aromatic blend. Arabica blends are undisputedly the best - not full blown in bitterness, but a mild and consistent aroma. 

Cold drips are nice sometimes when you need a bitter kick back into reality from your relaxed sunny day attitude. You are here to do architecture - bring your hopes back down and get your game face on.

My go-to is still the latte though. Served in a bar glass with 1-2cm of foam on top. Bringing a touch of class. I like it when they serve coffee bites with it too. That's an idea that's growing on me - I hope those guys do well.

Despite this, I wouldn't consider myself a coffee snob. I just do what it takes to get me through the day. And if that happens to be a pleasant experience, then I appreciate the effort of those who provide it. Good coffee is one of the things that makes life a bit more livable.

Let me know how you like yours.