New Blag, New Beginnings by George Qin

Kicking off my first post with a whimper - 

I need a new desk lamp for my extremely messy study desk. I love all the minimal and industrial designs, but I can't help but feel that none of them would look good on my desk because it's cluttered with junk.

I love my junk though - they're not things I'm willing to throw out. I've come to terms with my inner slob; embraced it. Not enough to show you a photo of my sprawl, but enough to live contently in it.

I actually think that clean houses are pretentious - "display homes", I call them. Because they don't feel lived in, they show no signs of occupancy (or work, for that matter). Clean houses are for those who obsess about cleanliness. Those who take pride in having a clean house are the exact same people that feel a little disgusted when they visit a messy one. As if their personal standard of tidiness applies to everyone else.

Of course, you could hire a cleaner - but isn't that just a different type of pretentiousness?

I wish they designed desk lamps for lazy people. Isn't good design supposed to make your life easier? Hopefully someone designs a nice looking desk lamp one day that looks nice whilst scattered among a slew of architectural models, supplies, cups, cans, and stationery.

Any suggestions? Or desk pics? We can play "I'll show you mine if you show me yours". I'm going to start the inevitable cleaning process. Til next time - Peace.




P.S. On a side note - the more I look at catalogs of desk lamps, the more I feel like Edward Norton in Fight Club trying to find a piece of furniture that 'defines me as a person'. It's like you buy furniture, you tell yourself, that's it. That's the last desk lamp I'm gonna need. Whatever else happens, I've got that desk lamp problem handled.