I get it! EUREKA! I have found the light. And you can too. / by George Qin

I get it now! I fucking get it! Life! The Secrets of the Universe! I understand all the answers. And I don’t! And that’s kind of the point. Some spiritual tantric motherfucking karmic bullshit. It’s all bullshit. Nothing matters. So everything does. Tantric as FUUUUUCK. Everyone just wants to help people. Wanna know the answer to being happy? Help people. Wanna know the answer to the universe? Help people. Wanna know the right questions to ask? Now you’re getting somewhere. If you are in need – ask for it. Then, help yourself! Sound Simple? Well it is. Here goes: Just live every moment, every passing daily moment like it’s your last. Like you want to squeeze the ever living joy out of it. Every last drop. For me. All for me. Which is you! We’re all the same person, part of the same universe. Everything comes back around. If you wish to know the answers, look inside yourself, and you will know. Just inherently. Just as if you were just born yesterday. Because it doesn’t matter! WE ALL KNOW WHAT WE WANNA BE. WHAT WE WANNA DO.

I wanna shout to the world, I WANNA DO INVESTING. I WANT TO GIVE BACK TO OTHERS. THAT’S WHY ITS CALLED INVESTING. BECAUSE YOU INVEST IN OTHER PEOPLE. YOU GIVE BACK TO THE SOCIETY THAT HAS GIVEN YOU SO MUCH. THAT’S WHY MONEY IS JUST SOCIAL DEBT – ITS JUST A NUMBER, IT DOESN’T MATTER! AND IT DOES! AT THE SAME DAMN TIME? WANNA KNOW HOW THAT CAN BE SO? It can’t be. And it can – it’s called Bitcoin, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Don’t think about it, just do it. You just have to trust me on it.


As for me? I don’t need bitcoin. I have universal love. And if you don’t believe me. Meet me. Let’s meditate together. Am I scaring you yet? Money is just a manifestation. It’s all in your head! A number, on a piece of paper, a few digits in a transcation, forget about it! And.. INVEST! INVEST IN OTHERS! The joy of life is in giving back! And in taking it! DUH! JUST ASK!


(btw I can swear on my blog because I’m unemployed and I don’t represent anyone but myself – which is always true, but also never true. SEE? SEE? Of course not – I cannot teach you, I can only ask to learn from you. So TEACH ME SOMETHING. Teach me why I should invest in you. I have no money. I have only my time, love and effort to give. I am so fucking rich. See? I’m talking too much again.)