#TBT: That time I wrote an architectural essay about Fight Club / by George Qin

I'm a big fan of the Unix philosophy - do one thing and do it well. It's the same with me and design. I always try to do good architecture. I don't try to do the best, most innovative designs - I think it is far more important to do it simply and do it well. That's why I can't really take anyone talking about in-depth architectural theory seriously.

So when I had to write an essay worth 100% of my course mark for Architectural History and Theory unit at University, I was lost. I'd written essays I didn't care about before, but I thought I was past that part of my life. But they gave us one good piece of advice: "write what you're interested about" - because that way, we'd be more invested in getting it right. They gave us a throwaway list of essay topics and some basic guidelines, but that was secondary to what I wanted to do. I wanted to write a satirical essay

Looking back upon it now, it was brilliant. I wrote it to laugh in their faces about what they'd been teaching me all semester but because it was worth 100% of my mark, I had to make it plausible enough to at least pass. In any case, it reads quite well and I ended up following the guidelines to some extent (compare at least 2 buildings as examples of architectural styles of 2 different eras).

So without further ado, I give you: my essay

I think I blab on a bit much about the architecture, but I was really worried that I didn't talk about it enough at the time. Student worries - so glad it's all behind me. University is such a ridiculous ride to be paying for.